Facilitator, Director, Theatre Maker

About Me



Deborah is a Drama Facilitator, Director and Theatre Maker from Glasgow. Since 2006 she has been working within education, youth theatre and community settings, delivering workshops and making theatre with participants of varying ages. 

"Everyone has a story to tell" and Deborah's enthusiasm to uncover these stories enables participants to explore, create and share these "nuggets of gold" whether that’s on stage to an audience or in the workshop environment with their peers, "as long as these stories and ideas are being heard, that's whats important".   

Deborah is passionate about making high quality work with non-professionals. Participants who work with Deborah speak about her dedication and "particular attention to detail" Deborah see's herself as a collaborator in the room, supporting those she is working with to have a creative outlet.

Her practice combines formal learning strategies and creative exploration enabling participants to gain a firm understanding of theatre conventions and techniques, as well as what it takes to make a piece of theatre within a collaborative company setting.

For the past 12 years Deborah has worked with a variety of organisations across Scotland such as the Tron Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland, Perth Theatre - Horsecross Arts, Random Accomplice Theatre Company, Eco Drama, Scottish Opera, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS), Tall Ship Glasgow, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Culture NL and various Local Authorities.