Facilitator, Director, Theatre Maker

2017: Blueprint

I am working with Youth Theatre Juniors at the Tron Theatre in my role as Creative Learning Officer. We are working on a new devised piece called Blueprint. 

Have you ever thought about where you are going in life? We don’t mean geographically going, however that can come in to it. We are speaking about your life journey. The plan for how your whole life will unfold.  

Do you believe in Fate?
Do you ever wonder if your life is already mapped out in a blue print?
Do you think there are filling cabinets with everyone’s life plans filed neatly?

But then what happens if you don’t follow the plan? Turn your back on Fate? If you were faced with your life blueprint would you stick to it or rip it up?

A story about accepting, struggling with, and trying to change, Fate. 

Blueprint will be performed 7th-9th June 2017 Changing House, Tron Theatre